Veterinarians save dog’s life after he really eats homework

IMG_2301SPRING, Texas – A dog is recovering and a homework project has been recompleted after a 5-year-old mixed-breed dog named Roscoe ate a Magnolia West High School student’s homework last week.

Reagan Hardin, a sophomore at Magnolia West High School, had been working on her AP history class homework project that involved building a model of a Middle Ages farm manor. The project included plastic farm animals, grass, wood, metal wire fencing and model structures.IMG_1513

When Reagan’s mom, Kristen Barker, went upstairs to where Reagan had been working on the project, she realized something was wrong. She found the project torn up and many of the objects were missing.

After rushing Roscoe to an emergency veterinarian, they confirmed his stomach was full of different pieces of the project. He was then referred to internal medicine specialists at North Houston Veterinary Specialists, a BluePearl Veterinary Partners’ hospital.

Doctors there were able to use an endoscope to extract the pieces one by one until Roscoe’s stomach was empty of the dangerous objects. Endoscopy is a non-invasive procedure using a scope with a camera, which is safer and faster to recover from than surgery.

IMG_6096(1)“Endoscopy saved Roscoe’s life,” said Barker. “Endoscopy was our first line attempt to retrieve the contents he ingested because of cost and what was actually best for him.  If he would have had surgery instead, the cost would have tripled, and he would have had several weeks of recovery with potential complications.”IMG_3542

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