Behavioral Medicine

Pet behavior problems are complex. Often, a physical problem can be the cause of a pet’s inappropriate behavior. Misbehavior may result from poor upbringing or inconsistent reactions from the people around them. BluePearl veterinary behavioral specialists have broad knowledge of the physical and emotional health of pets and know how to help pet families implement the prescribed treatment plan.

Conditions we treat:
  • Fears, phobias and anxiety: Separation anxiety; fear of storms, noises, people or other animals; simple anxiety or anxiety as a cause for other behaviors.
  • Aggression: At humans, at other dogs, at other cats, hoarding or turf-guarding.
  • Soiling and inappropriate elimination: Pooping, peeing in the wrong place; medical, social and physical challenges.
  • Compulsive, repetitive behaviors: Flank-sucking, fly-biting/snapping, light-chasing, spinning, licking surfaces or over-grooming.
  • Cognitive dysfunction: Age- or disease-related memory loss, disorientation, confusion, staring, wandering, getting stuck in corners, waking and sleeping problems, restlessness, separation anxiety or panting.
  • Basic manners, unruly behavior: Improving the pet-human bond, life skills such as leash walking, basic commands; appropriate tactics for play biting, jumping, counter-surfing, theft, chewing, digging or scratching.
  • Socialization: Assessment of temperament, tactics to ensure a family’s successful pet adoption.