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24/7 Emergency Veterinarians in Midvale, UT

BluePearl Midvale’s ER is staffed 24/7 to accommodate any emergency case that comes through the doors. Our doctors and nursing staff are trained to deal with emergent situations and are able to quickly diagnose your pet and come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

Our pet hospital features cutting edge technology and comfortable intensive care units that are monitored 24/7. Our emergency veterinarians collaborate with in-house, board-certified veterinarians of multiple specialties, including surgery and diagnostic imaging, to develop a customized treatment plan for each pet. 

Common emergencies we treat include:

    • Collapse/unable to walk

    • Difficulty breathing (pale or blue gums)

    • Uncontrollable bleeding

    • Profuse vomiting or severe diarrhea

    • Trauma (hit by car, gunshot wounds, blunt trauma, penetrating wounds)

    • Shock

    • Heart failure

    • Burn injury or smoke inhalation

    • Difficulty urinating

    • GDV (bloat)

    • C-section

    • Snake bite evenomation (rattlesnake)

    • Foreign body ingestion

    • Allergic reactions

    • Seizures

    • Toxic ingestion (poisoning)

    • Eye emergencies (sudden blindness, glaucoma, proptosis, foreign body, scratches)

    • Limb paralysis

    • Heat stroke or frost bite

    • Drowning

    • Spinal injuries

    • Fractured bones

    • Lacerations

Our emergency team works closely with your family veterinarian to ensure a collaborative approach to your pet’s care. To learn more about our emergency team at BluePearl Midvale, view our doctor list.