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The COMPANION newsletter is sponsored by BluePearl and by our Partners in Education for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants and practice managers in Chicagoland. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions or would like follow up on any article, please contact Megan Bales of our veterinary relations team at (847) 564-5775 or

Thank you to our 2018 Partners in Education: Antech, CareCredit, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Royal Canin, Stokes Pharmacy, and Zoetis.

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2017 Fall

What’s Happening at BluePearl in Chicago | Open Fractures and Treatment Approaches in Orthopedic Trauma Cases | Serotonin Syndrome | Immunosuppressive Drugs | Zygomatic-Mandibular Synostosis | Continuing Education

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2017 Summer

Welcoming Graduates into Your Practice | Understanding Feline Aggression | Recognizing and Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs | Autologous Blood Transfusions in an Emergency Setting | Understanding How Cataracts Form and Treatment Methods | Canine Laryngeal Mass? Consider a Thyroid Tumor | Continuing Education

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2017 Spring

BluePearl Portal | Tachyarrythmias – from Where? | Portosystemic Shunts | Acute Abdomen | The Complicated UTI | Feline Constipation

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2017 Winter

Southpaw Fever Daylong Ce | Bromethalin Rodenticide | Oxygen Delivery Methods | Meet Dr. Kacee Lingner | Winter Word Find

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2016 Fall

Xylitol Toxicity | Arterial Blood Gas | Current Heartworm Disease Topics | Toxicity Word Scramble | Meet Criticalist Megan Kaplan | Southpaw Fever and Other CE

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2016 Spring

Toxic Spring Plants | When to Transfer to Critical Care | You Are What You Eat | Eclampsia | ER Ingestions – Crossword | Meet Our New Medical Director | Hospital Happenings

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2016 Winter

Cabin Fever | Toxic World | Activated Charcoal | Gorilla Glue | Marijuana | Chocolate | Catheter Size

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Newsletter Archive
2015 Fall

Pancreatitis | Xylitol | Vetstarch | Hospital Happenings | Cabin Fever CE | ER Puzzle

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2015 Summer

Critical Care Medicine | Spider Bites | Vaccines or Titers? | Bluepearl Updates | Internist Susan Yohn | Parasitology

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2015 Spring

Pulmonary Contusions | Cue for Osteoarthritis | Ecgs | Anesthetic Gas Risk | New Clearwater Ophthalmology Location | Continuing Education

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2015 Winter

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) | Who Needs Rehab? | Cat Purrs | Cleaning Products | Splitting Tablets | Bleeding Greyhounds | Wanted: Lymphoma Dogs | Avian Mycobacteria | Catnip

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