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Made a difficult situation easier

I am so impressed with BluePearl’s entire staff and the facility. Each team member’s kindness and understanding made a very difficult situation for myself, and my beloved 16-year-old cat, easier. Their quick response, diagnosis and honesty will never be forgotten....

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Indigo is running again after major surgery

Indigo is a 3-year-old Bombay cat that was a tiny stray kitten in my aunt’s backyard and adopted me. We moved to Manhattan in 2014, and in 2015, after a cocktail party, 2-year-old Indigo accidentally knocked over a glass water...

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Thank you for saving sweet Stanley

I cannot thank the entire staff at BluePearl in Seattle enough for saving my sweet Stanley. In December, Stanley cried one night while trying to use the litter box. Over the next two weeks, he would go through three urinary...

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Puppy running again after being hit by car

One morning, my husband and I were awoken by the screams of our 6-month-old Siberian husky puppy as she ran around our property in agonizing pain. It was the worst sound I’d ever heard in my life. We ran straight...

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Ricky is five years cancer free

In April of 2012, our precious Scottish terrier, Ricky, was diagnosed with cancer. We were devastated when we were told that, even with the surgery, he only had a 30% chance of survival for six months and he would be...

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Wouldn’t Want Gus in Anyone Else’s Hands

My Boston terrier’s name is Gus. He has mast cell tumors that occasionally pop up, and we’ve seen Dr. Weh twice now for removal. She is simply the best! So kind, warm and an overall great person. We wouldn’t want our...

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