Your Specialty Visit

Advances in veterinary medicine have opened up a world of treatment options for your pets. Just like in human medicine, today’s veterinary healthcare team includes board-certified specialists who treat major, life-threatening or complex medical problems.

What is a specialist?

Like their counterparts in human medicine, veterinary specialists are doctors of veterinary medicine who choose to specialize in a particular field. To become specialists, veterinarians must undergo years of additional training.

They use this expertise to provide pets with the most advanced medical care available. Every day, BluePearl specialists perform complex procedures, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, knee and back surgeries, and cataract removal. 

BluePearl specialty care hospitals include veterinarians from a variety of different fields, such as critical care, internal medicine, radiology and more. Having such a wide variety of experts under one roof provides opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, which leads to the most comprehensive care possible for your pet. 

How do I make an appointment for my pet with a specialist?

Our specialists see pets who have been referred to us by family veterinarians, and we work closely with them to develop a treatment plan that ensures the best possible care.  We will also discuss this plan with you to get your approval before moving forward, including the estimated cost.