Books On Pet Loss
Recommended books for adults

Abercrombie B. (Ed.) (2011). Cherished: 21 writers on animals they have loved and lost. New World Library.

Adamec, C. (2000). When your pet dies: Dealing with your grief and helping your children cope. Excel Press.

Anderson, A. & Anderson, L. (2005). Rainbows and bridges: An animal companion memorial kit. New World Library.

Anderson, M. (1996). Coping with sorrow on the loss of your pet (2nd Ed.). Peregrine Press.

Bronson, H. (2000). Dog gone: Coping with the loss of a pet. Bestsell Publications.

Congalton, D. (2000). Three cats, two dogs: One journey through multiple pet loss. NewSage Press.

Greene, L. & Landis, J. (2002). Saying goodbye to the pet you love. New Harbinger Publications.

Kowalski, G. (1997). Goodbye, friend: Healing wisdom for anyone who has ever lost a pet. Stillpoint Publishing.

Kowalski, G., Regan, T., & Wolfe, A. (1999). The souls of animals (2nd Ed.). Stillpoint Publishing.

Nieberg, H. & Fisher, A. (1982). Pet loss: A thoughtful guide for adults and children. Harper & Row.

O’Neill, E. (1999). The last will and testament of an extremely distinguished dog. Henry Holt & Company.

Reynolds, R. (2001). Blessing the bridge: What animals teach us about death, dying, and beyond. New Sage Press.

Sife, W. (1993). The loss of a pet. Howell Book House.

Smith, K. (Ed). (1997). Healing the pain of pet loss: Letters in memoriam. The Charles Press.

Tousley, M. (1997). The final farewell: Preparing for and mourning the loss of your pet. Pals Publishing.

Wolfelt, A. (2004). When your pet dies: A guide to mourning, remembering, and healing. Companion Press.22

Recommended books for children

The fall of Freddie the leaf: A story for all ages.
Buscaglia, L. (1982). Slack Book Division.

Healing your heart when your animal friend is gone: A children’s pet bereavement workbook.
Cardeccia, K. (2004). Bree’s Gift Publishing.

Our special garden: Understanding cremation.
Carney, K. (1999).  Dragonfly Publishing.

They’re part of the family.
Carney, K. (2001). Dragonfly Publishing.

For every cat an angel.
Davis, C. (2001). Lighthearted Press.

For every dog an angel.
Davis, C. (1997). Lighthearted Press.

Saying goodbye to your pet: Children can learn to cope with pet loss.
Heegaard, M. (2001). Fairview.

When someone very special dies: Children can learn to cope with grief.
Heegaard, M. (1988). Woodland Press.

Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain death to children.
Mellonie, B. (1987). Bantam Doubleday/Dell Publishing.

When a pet dies.
Rogers, F. (1988). Putnam Publishing Group.

Pet loss and children.
Ross, C. (2005).  Brunner-Routledge

Cat heaven.
Rylant, C. (1996).  Blue Sky Press.

Dog heaven.
Rylant, C. (1995).  Blue Sky Press.

Children and pet loss: A guide for helping.
Tousley, M. (1996). Pals Publishing.

The tenth good thing about Barney.
Viorst, J. (1971).  Atheneum.

Where love goes
Warren, P. (1992). . Art After Five.

Charlotte’s web.
White, E. B. (1952). Harper Junior.

I’ll always love you.
Wilhelm, H. (1985). Crown Publishing Group.

Helping children cope with grief.
Wolfelt, A. (1983).  Accelerated Development.

Snort’s special gift: A family story. 
Yue, S. (2012). Beaver’s Pond Press.