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Emergency and Specialty Veterinarians
at Dogwood Center in Richmond, VA
Emergency service always available to help your pet

Dogwood Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center is home to a multitude of skillful veterinary specialists and emergency clinicians who combine their expertise to collaborate on customized treatment plans for pets with illnesses or injuries.

Each of the specialties located within Dogwood offers expertise, experience and compassion, as well as care provided by the leading veterinary organizations in the Richmond community. BluePearl specialties offered at Dogwood Veterinary Emergency & Specialty include:

24/7 emergency medicine – providing advanced urgent care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in a fully-equipped veterinary ER.

Internal medicine – formulating custom, effective treatment plans for pets with complex and challenging illnesses

Surgery – offering superior surgical treatments from the board-certified specialists with Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates

Other specialties located within Dogwood include:

At Dogwood, our focus is on providing compassionate care. It is also our commitment to you - that we will offer you and your pet comprehensive and exceptional care at every turn. From your first phone call onward, you and your pet are our priority.

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5918 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230

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