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Daniela Keslar, DVM


On The Job

Dr. Daniela Keslar’s mother was a small animal veterinarian, and her father was a physician who specialized in both anesthesia and critical care, so medicine was a natural career path for her.

She comes to BluePearl after working for a number of years in a mixed animal practice where she was able to treat many species of animals, to include horses, wallabies, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and exotics. The client relationship is important to her, and her philosophy is simple, “Clients need to know how much I care, before they will care how much I know.” She is drawn to surgery because she finds fulfillment in fixing things. In addition to surgery and wound repair, she has a strong interest in holistic medicine – including acupuncture and chiropractic intervention.


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, East Lansing
Bachelor of Science, University of Findlay, OH

Off Duty

Dr. Keslar refers to her husband, a software engineer and developer, as wonderfully supportive for loving her despite her dog and the looming possibility that she might bring home another pet. And they have quite the menagerie…

Dasha, an English mastiff, is terrified of life, but adores Dr. Keslar, perhaps because she saved her life. The first, and last time her husband walked Dasha, she bolted, broke her leash and collar and ran off spraying pipestream diarrhea. Teddy, the Maltese, was her husband’s dog before marriage, but seems to have changed loyalties.

Dr. Keslar considers herself an equal opportunity cat owner because she has a male, a female, a transgender and one that is severely handicapped. Little Kitty, whose real name is Sidhra, has been paralyzed in her back legs since birth and is a rehabilitation patient. Emma, the spicy, lovely female calico, has permanent eye damage from an upper respiratory infection but a great attitude. Merlin, originally a feral cat, has the most advanced intercat social skills of all her cats and was successfully treated with radioactive iodine for hyperthyroidism. And Hobbes, her fat tabby transgender cat who likes happy drugs, was her first perineal urethrostomy surgery.

Other than collecting “special” animals, Dr. Keslar likes to garden and do crafty projects.