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Active Blood Donor Heroes
Aslan H.

Aslan is a young, energetic, clumsy orange male tabby, who also goes by Big Boy, Fat Butt, or Hunk-a Chunk-a. He enjoys stealing food from the human plates and water from their cups (if it tips over onto the bed, all the better)! Aslan can be found playing with his mouse at 3:00 a.m. right outside the bedroom door and sleeping in the attic during the day. He loves to play with anything at anytime, sometimes even with the old dog, who just ignores him. He has a foot fetish and loves to rub on, nibble on, and maybe even lick feet if he is being ignored. It is even more fun to do as people are trying to walk. Overall Aslan is just a goofy guy that loves people and loves to snuggle and have a good time. His humans believe everyone can and should give in some way, shape or form and Aslan donates as a way of helping out. “I’m young and healthy so why shouldn’t I help others”?

August M.

August (AKA, Auggy Doggy Puddin’ Pie) is a German shepherd Labrador mix with a black and tan coat, long hair and a sweet face. His favorite food is beef, cheese, cat food, milkbones, and Starbucks puppuccinos. He loves playing with the ball, car rides, and staring out at the mountains being a pensive puppy. He’s a great cuddler, from an early age he learned how to lean against Liz to help support her when she was weak or dizzy. He can be wound up and wild or sweet and gentle, but he’s always so expressive. He can get stressed out or anxious, however, and when he does he gets into the trash or takes things off the counter (and gets his brothers into trouble with him). August is special because he’s the epitome of unconditional love. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny human or an elderly cat, if you’re having a good day or bad August will be there with a sweet smile and a wagging tail to remind you that with him there is only love and cuddles. In July 2015, August’s older brother Mischief lost his battle with cancer. In May 2015, he’d received a blood transfusion post-surgery. That transfusion saved his life and gave our family precious time to spend with him. That’s why August became a blood donor. He donated in his brother’s honor so that other families don’t have to say goodbye before they’re meant to.

Bandit W.

Bandit (otherwise known as Mush Bug) is quite the cuddle bug – no lap remains empty for long. He loves greenies and chasing after laser pointer dots. Bandit is not afraid of small children and allows them to pet him without fear and even supervises bath time! While Bandit likes to help take care of the two human “kittens” in the house, he feels he has to taste everything you’re eating first. He’s a cool, calm, confident cat who knows he’s really lucky to be where he is.

Banker B.

Banker is a medium to dark brindle Great Dane with uneven ears. Bankeelaboo loves tracking as well as following Trooper around. He is a funny boy who can play all day, but can be quiet also. Banker is unique and donates blood to help other dogs.

Barkley D.

Barkley, who also goes by Barkelton, Puppydup, Mister Moo, and Moody Poo, is a black and white pitty mix.  He is a very silly and very active dog who likes to play Frisbee, fetch, and tug.  He loves eating peanut butter. Barkley can be stubborn and occasionally chews on things, but is really just a sweetheart.  Barkley is special because he has two white hairs in his black coat and is not photogenic at all, despite how beautiful he is.  He donates blood to save all the puppies that come in needing blood! 

Bela Bean F.

Bela Bean, aka the Bean, Bean Machine, A.G. (Almost Good), Baby Bean, Belly Bean, Mountain Dog, etc!), is a cute black lab who enjoys most food but particularly chicken jerky treats. Her favorite activities are swimming, playing Frisbee, hiking, and playing chase with her niece and nephew. She is one of the happiest dogs and is an incorrigible kisser, but sometimes life is just too exciting and she has a hard time not jumping on people of pulling on her leash. Bela is special because she has been through some trying times in her young life but no matter the situation she is always most concerned with how her family is feeling, quick to give a kiss or cuddle – always making things better. Bela is a blood donor because last year her big sister had a cancerous tumor on her spleen and required a blood transfusion.

Benjamin F.

Benjamin, or Ben, is a German Shepherd/Husky mix, a gentle giant, who is shy but can be very brave. He enjoys food and for a special treat he occasionally gets a cow tail. He loves walking, playing with his best friend, Lucy Bean, and snuggling. He is gentle, sweet and loving. His only bad habits are cabinet surfing and getting into EVERYTHING. He is big, but gentle and loves everyone! Ben donates blood to be a HERO!

Berrin O.

Berrin (Bear, Bear-Bear) is the most endearing and handsome German Shepherd around. He enjoys snacking on fresh carrots, mom’s homemade chicken soup, peanut butter, and sticks. His favorite activities include rough-housing with big sister Bella, catching the ball or Frisbee, herding sheep, chasing his feline sister, and being with his family. Berrin can make you happy and fall in love with him with just a simple look. He provides limitless happiness and love to his family. Though his parents scold him when he eats toilet paper or tissues, he can’t help it. He loves them! He also listens to big sister, Bella, and occasionally tries to start fights with dogs that she doesn’t like. His mom says that he is pure perfection and he donates blood because he is a hero!

Daisy U.

Daisy Mae (AKA, Bug or Daisy Mayhem) is an almost three-year-old female brindle boxer who loves peanut butter more than any other food. She loves running really fast (especially on the beach) and playing with her best friends. She also loves belly rubs and chin tickles. Daisy Mae is a good listener, and so loving! However, she does have separation anxiety when she’s not with her people. (She just loves them so much!) Daisy Mae is special because she has such a fun personality. She can be crazy and have fun, but when it’s time to be good, she can snap out of it and listen. She’s very loving and loyal. Daisy Mae is a blood donor because she can’t stand the thought of one of her best friends getting in an accident and all that was needed to save their life was some blood…and there wasn’t any! She wants to be able to help save lives!

Dakota G.

Dakota, aka, Kodi bear, sis, princess, and little bear, is a super soft black lab. She loves food and will eat anything that her mom and dad will give her, as long as it is not chicken, which she is allergic to. She enjoys sun bathing, riding in the car, riding on the boat, and playing with her brother Poacher, on her terms. She is a momma’s girl, stubborn, independent, and everyone’s friend. Sometimes she forgets she is not human! She can be very vocal, has an opinion that she shares with everybody. Dakota is a blood donor because she was in a bad accident right after her first birthday and she almost didn’t survive. While she didn’t need a transfusion, her parents saw how important emergency medicine is for animals and wanted to help somehow. 

Dilly N.

Dillinger, aka Dilly is a loving and snuggly orange and white tabby. He is named after the infamous John Dillinger, who was too fast for anyone to catch. Dilly was more like that in his younger more svelte years, but we digress. He loves wet food and especially has a taste for ProPlan Salmon pate. He loves eating, snuggling with his mom, watching birds and neighbor cats from the front window, playing with catnip toys, and trying to help his mom finish her dinner. He is a master snuggler, and a pro at head butts. He annoys mom a little bit with his incessant requests for canned food every time she enters the kitchen, but it’s okay because he’s Dilly and he is one loved and adored kitty. He donates blood because he is a large kitty with lots of blood and love for those in need.

Dusty H.

Dusty, or Big Red, Big Baby, DustyTheWorld’sLaziestDog, is a big mellow boy with a very calm personality. He loves to eat String Cheese! Dusty loves to ensure the safety of the backyard from rogue squirrels.  He takes the job very seriously, except when it rains.  He has never met a stranger and loves to greet all like they’re family.  He loves to go for car rides, even though he needs assistance to get in due to his confusion about jumping. He is very tolerant of all dogs, including the female greyhounds he is forced to share his favorite bed with. Dusty has yet to understand he has back legs that are super spring loaded and can jump. He won’t jump on to a bed, couch or the back of the car even with the tastiest enticements. He is special because he is mellow and people centered so his mom is starting the pet therapy training so he can go visit lots of people and get as much attention as he can stand. Dusty donates because he was told it’s the right thing to do and he enjoys the attention and treats.

Emmy M.

Emmy, is a beautiful and loving blue-nosed pit-bull. She loves carrots, pizza crust, and peanut butter. She loves to run and play at the dog park, but her favorite thing is cuddling on the couch (especially with her daddy). She can be a bit destructive and gets the zoomies at all hours, but her super sweet and gentle disposition makes up for her bouts of crazy. She was rescued as a puppy and pays it forward by helping other dogs in need as a blood donor.

Finnegan L.

Finnegan, or Finn, is an orange tabby cat with short hair who enjoys eating freeze-dried meats, chicken necks and raw food. He likes to bother his big kitty-sister Cairo and can purr away a sad day. He has the smallest, cutest meow you’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, he gets a little rambunctious with his teeth when he plays sometimes! Finn was part of a T-N-R colony, but since he was clearly not feral, he had the chance to be adopted into a forever home. He donates blood because he likes the treats and toys.

Flapjack M.

Flapjack, aka Jackimus Flappington or the Mayor of Flaptown, is a sweet lab mix who aspires to discover all of the coziest things in life to cuddle. He loves treats, naps, and going on adventures with his best bud, Pepper. He is a champion snuggler, has a very sunny disposition, and did we mention he is the Mayor of Flaptown? He has a bad habit of eating socks and a mild fear of butterflies. Flapjack came from an overcrowded shelter and had a hard start to life. He has a great life now and is paying it forward by being a blood donor.

Gail H.

Gail (AKA, mini-me, major-me, Gailice, or Fuzzbutt) is a short-haired tuxedo cat who loves freeze-dried salmon treats. Her favorite activities are snuggling, eating and playing with her toys. She’s an excellent purring snuggler. However, Gail has the tendency to jump on her human’s back with her claws out to demand attention. She’s a blood donor because if she can, she should, according to her people. Just in case she ever needs blood, at least she’s “paid into the pot” when she can.

Ghost and Siren M.

Ghost and Siren are sibling Doberman Pinschers.  Baby G and Sy Sy love eating socks, shoes, and Slammin’ Salmon treats.  They enjoy training, biting each other’s ears, playing fetch and snuggling on the couch. They are super funny, affectionate, cute and loyal.  However, Ghost does eat socks and shoes and Siren barks at everything.  They are special because they make people around them laugh and they are a couple of clowns.  They donate blood to save a life!

Ginger Brindleton A.

Ginger Brindleton also known as Gingee, GB and “muddy paws”, is a brindle pitbull mix. She’s super lazy and loves orange food, so cantaloupe and cheese are her favorite. Her favorite things to do are running very, very, very fast, eating snow, and taking naps. She is super gentle with cats and does not destroy anything in the house. She is super loving and happy all the time. But, sometimes Ginger eats cat poop. She’s special because she was in the shelter for four months before being adopted and so she appreciates everything about being spoiled now. She loves trips and frequently stays in hotels. Ginger is a blood donor because she likes going to the hospital to make sure the other dogs are okay. She is very happy to help.

Goose W.

Goose, aka Goose-y, is a tan kitty with brown tips.  He looks purebred but is all mutt.  He loves eating crunchies, sleeping, prowling, and fetching toys.  He has a bit of cat-itude, but bestows love on his family when they deserve it.  He also climbs their pants (ouch).  Goose can have resting grumpy face which is really cute.  He is special because he puts up with the children’s love and attention and he loves his sister lots.  He donated blood to help other kitties and for cool swag.

Howie H.

Howie is a one-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever who loves to eat everything! He especially loves peanut butter, and nerf darts. Howie’s favorite activity is “keep away”. This is a fun game until you need something he has (i.e. a shoe while the school bus is waiting) and he refuses to give in. Swimming is his second favorite activity. Howie is always ready to go anywhere and do anything. He is a brave dog and great with all other animals and people, however, he loves jumping on people, and eating remotes and money! Howie is special because when you look at him it is impossible not to smile and pet him. He needs to stop eating UGG boots, though. It makes his human sister angry. Howie is a blood donor because last year another dog in his family was treated for a rare cancer. His name is Gyver and he received many units of canine blood. While he did not make it and his life was shorter than it should have been, the blood that was donated by other canines gave him a chance. It gave the doctors more time to try and help him. Howie hopes to help other dogs like Gyver make it through operations, accidents, and general better health. Plus donating is super fun! He gets lots of pets and leaves with a new toy and great treats!

Jasmine W.

Jasmine, AKA Sassy Pants, Baby Girl, Jammin’ (short for Jammin’ Jasmine from her facebook page “The Adventures of Moose Man & Jammin’ Jasmine”) is a flashy two-year-old fawn boxer who lives up to her nicknames! She loves to snuggle and can be quite sassy when she wants something. Jasmine loves any sort of treat and shamelessy begs at drive-through windows for them. Jasmine loves to go everywhere that her (human) mom goes; playing with her fur buddy Moose, to the beach and racing around the underbrush in the forest. She is huge fan of people and thinks all of them should love being assaulted with her tongue and happy to let her sit in their laps. Jasmine has an innate ability to sense the different energy levels of people. She will be soft and gentle with little babies, wild and rambunctious with older kids and calm with unsteady older people. She will play with all sizes of dogs and cats, having grown up with a baby kitten she is tolerant of all kinds of assaults by kitty claws and teeth. It’s not always kisses and treats with Jasmine, she does have the proclivity for chewing shoes left out when no one is home and she shreds paper into teeny tiny pieces, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jasmine has a special way of making people laugh and smile all the time. Jasmine decided to be a blood donor (with the help of her mom) because she loves all the doggy friends that she meets. When her mom found out she could help those doggies that needed a helping hand in the blood department, we signed up as quick as we could.

Jezabelle H.

Jezabelle (Jez) is a medium-hair, beautiful tortie. She likes to snack on Temptation treats, play with the laser pointer and mouse toys, run around the apartment sporadically, and sleep. Her best qualities are her fuzzy paws and the fact that she likes her belly rubbed. She also likes to snuggle but just not as long as her human friends would prefer. Jez is special because she helps her mom with anxiety. She is a blood donor because she has a big, warm, and fuzzy heart.

Kainoa H.

Kainoa Winston H., The First and Only, is a blonde/cream/tan domestic shorthair with gold eyes.  His nicknames are Sonny Boy, Lannister, Brother, Blondie, and Kai Kai.  His favorite food is Nori, anything in his dinner bowl, and lysine treats. He enjoys sun bathing, bird/squirrel/raccoon/anything-that-moves-outside-in-the-yard watching, picking on his sister, and touching his moms faces with his cold nose to remind them when breakfast should be served. He is a first response bug catcher and will come when his moms call frantically due to a bug sighting. He can also spin, shake paw, high-five, and sit… so long as there are treats.  Unfortunately, Kainoa can and will destroy a bag to get cat food or treats: (1 duffle bag, 1 backpack, 2 tubes of cat toothpaste, 3 bags of treats, 5 bags of cat food), and knows how to open a cabinet/dresser/or doorknob.  He donates blood to share some Aloha with the cats on the mainland.  He’s from Hawaii!

Kyla M.

Kyla “Smyla” is a cute, goofy, playful, and energetic poodle/lab mix. She loves to wrestle with her older “sister,” Rainey (who is 10 ½ years older), steal the tennis balls from Rainey, splash in any size body of water (from puddles to Puget Sound), go on walks, stalk the family cats, and play with the cat laser toy. She is really good with kids allowing them to sit on her, lay on her, and/or wrestle with her and she doesn’t get upset. Although Kyla likes to counter surf, eviscerate her toys, and eat out of the kitty box, she doesn’t chew shoes and is a fabulous cuddler on the bed/couch, fairly easy to train, and is quick to get commands and tricks. Kyla has a big personality and when she builds up her confidence she will be a dog who will allow anybody to be her friend (human and dog alike)! She gives blood for treats, tummy rubs, and toys. She was volunteered because after working for eight years at a veterinary clinic her mom saw lots of ways that other dogs benefit from blood transfusions and wanted to be able to provide that avenue of help for the dogs that need it.

Lady P.

Lady, aka Sissy, is a pretty Doberman who has too much energy at one moment then ready to sleep all day the next! She loves to chase rabbits and must try all the food she comes across to determine what her favorite food might be. True to Doberman form, Lady does a good job of protecting her mom. She, unfortunately, is a little bit of a counter surfer, probably because she hasn’t realized yet that she is a dog. Lady is a rescue dog, so she donates blood to give back and to help others.

Larkspur H.

Larkspur is a handsome hairball, I mean rough coated collie, who also goes by Lark, Hairball, Beasty, Puppet, Larkfur, and Larkness. He enjoys eating eggs, especially quail eggs, running with girlfriends, and playing in the hose. He is a super chill boy and is the best road trip companion. He occasionally barks at people walking up the street, but he’s just being protective. Lark is the best boy and donates blood because everyone in his family does.  

Lily L.

Lily is a bouncy, fun brindle fawn greyhound who occasionally forgets that her tongue is hanging out the side of her mouth. She enjoys killing squeaky toys, running after balls, and meeting new people. She is bright, curious, silly, and fun but has the bad habit of getting into (and eating) just about anything. Lily donates to help other dogs and for the squeaky toys!!

Loki M.

Loki is a tuxedo shorthair kitty with an upside down heart on his nose, white socks on three of his feet, and light blue eyes. He has many names – Loki-Butt, Butt-Butt, Brave Little Toaster, and the Terrorist. He enjoys snacking on treats, ice cream, milk, pizza and milk bones. He likes to play in the sink, climb the shower stall and hang out, play with his mouse, attack his brothers (who are dogs), play in boxes, and attacking feet. His playfulness brings everyone joy and laughter. He has a great relationship with his dog brother, August (also a blood donor), and the way they play is so much fun to watch. He often acts like one of his canine brothers. Being a young’un his play drive is still high, but when he decides to cuddle he is very sweet and shows lots of love – even demanding attention by actively knocking electronics out of the way to ensure all are focused only on him. Unfortunately, he has some bad habits as well. Have you ever seen those videos of cats staring at you as they knock things off the counter? That’s Loki. He has the nickname ‘The Terrorist’ as he has a habit of doing whatever he pleases, despite the mess, pain, stress, noise, or terror it causes – including random ‘terrorist attacks’ against unsuspecting humans from hiding spots.  Loki was an unplanned adoption, but he quickly filled a hole left open by his predecessor. As soon as Loki was adopted it was known he would be a blood donor. Pet blood donation is so important to his owner, because they know first-hand, what it means to have donor blood save one of their pet’s lives.  They strongly believe, whether its months or years, the time given to families from a blood transfusion is precious. They want to help give other families the same opportunity that they had – more time with their beloved pets.

Luca C.

Luca, aka Speed Bump and Handsome, is a black greyhound with little bits of white on his paws, tip of the tail, and chest.  His tail is crooked and he is missing the tip of his right ear.  He enjoys eating everything but really loves real bones.  Luca enjoys being with his people, running, and playing tug-a-toy with another dog.  He is a love bug who is funny and happy and gentle.  He has a bad habit of lying or standing wherever you want to go, but he is really just a sweet, goofy boy.  Luca donates blood to help save other dogs.

Makai Y.

Makai, AKA Boo Boo and Spoilahs (this may explain why I’m not sure if he knows his name yet), is a large yellow Labrador Retriever with a pink nose.  He likes to eat anything that is edible and playing with his human cousins, getting belly rubs, sunbathing in the backyard, and sleeping day and night.  His best qualities are being really sweet, truly lovable, and mostly mellow.  His bad habit is being Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to other dogs – some he immediately likes, others he barks at, and some he ignores.  Makai was surrendered at 2 ½ years old to a shelter in Oregon and moved to Seattle all in the span of a week.  Despite so much change in a short period of time, he adapted really quickly and settled into his new life without too many incidents. He is a total love bug, who just wants love and attention from people.  He donates to help other dogs live full and healthy lives, so they can continue to bring love and happiness to their humans.   

Mrs. Hudson D.

Mrs. Hudson (AKA, Hudson) is a rescued red fawn greyhound who loves to eat anything! She loves car rides and sleeping upside down (also known as roaching), and most of all she loves meeting everyone. Mrs. Hudson does, unfortunately, try to steal everyone else’s food and has a tendency to howl at the caller ID voice. She’s special because, while she was a not-so-fast racer on the tracks in Florida, she retired to Washington State and found her forever family. She’s a donor because she was fortunate enough to be adopted and she wants to be able to help other dogs who are in need. (And the treats she gets when she donates are really good!)

Mrs. Watson D.

Mrs. Watson (AKA, Watson) is a rescued black-tipped fawn greyhound who loves pumpkin and popcorn as well as car rides, walks, and cuddling. She is very sweet and loving, but she has a tendency to hog the bed and covers. Mrs. Watson is special because she was a successful racer on the tracks in Florida. Then, she retired and moved to Washington and waited over a year in foster care to find her forever home. She is a donor because she was fortunate enough to be adopted by a loving family and she wants to be able to help other dogs who are in need. (And the toys at the ACCES Blood Bank are great!)

Nigel G.

Pet’s Nicknames: “Really, Nigel? Really??”

Description: Dennis the Menace in domestic short-hair form

Favorite Food: Whatever you’re having is fine, thank you.

Favorite Activities: Causing trouble, wreaking havoc, and generally being a pest

Best Qualities: Um….

Bad Habits: See Favorite Activities

Why I’m Special: I’m the boy

Why I’m a blood Donor: Because I need to do SOME good in the world.

Oliver B.

Oliver, aka Ollie, Boo Boo, Little Dude, Little Doody, is a white and tan pit bull mix that was rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. He enjoys salmon treats, cheese, blood donor liver treats, and chewing on antlers. Oliver likes to take long sniffy walks and enjoys playing with his big sister Sandy. Deep down Oliver is a mama’s boy who loves to snuggle on the couch and sleep under the covers. His one bad habit is he barks at other dogs who are minding their own business. Oliver is special because he has too many freckles to count! He is a blood donor because he wants to make a difference in other dog’s lives (and his mom can’t foster any more dogs)!

Oreo B.

Oreo, also known as Worlds Favorite Cookie and Fatty Catty, is a slightly chunky brown, black, and white tabby.  She loves all food and giving late night cuddles.  She will wake you up for breakfast or dinner and might trip you in the process.  She is special because she forgets she is a cat. She greets her owner at the door when she comes home before the dogs! Oreo donates blood because it saves lives!

Poacher G.

Poacher, aka Poach-man, Bubba-ruski, or Tootsie roll, is a chocolate lab with big floppy ears. He loves to eat peanut butter and ice cream. His favorite activities are hunting, swimming (for hours), playing fetch, barking at nothing, and snuggling with mom and dad. Sometimes Poacher begs or chases bees (which he is allergic to). He is the best of both worlds in that he is a fierce hunting dog but he can turn the switch and be a family dog, too. Poacher is special because he is a gun shy, hunting machine. It doesn’t seem like it would work, but it does. He also has a little anxiety so sometimes he wears a thunder vest. He donates blood because his sister was injured in a car accident when he was a puppy so he decided to help other animals if he could.

Pookah P.

Pookah, aka Monster (and others that are not suitable for public consumption) is an adorable brown tabby cat that likes to lay around the house and rule the roost. His favorite food is dried chicken and his favorite activity is showing everybody in the house who is boss by attacking them to play. Pookah donates blood to generate some good karma – he’s gotta do something good so that his people keep him around.

Ralph C.

Ralph, or Ralphie, is a Golden Retriever/Sea Otter who enjoys swimming, chasing balls, and playing tug of war with friends. He likes to eat treats at the pet store or vet’s office, which is always a plus in our blood donors. Ralph likes everyone and every dog. His happiness and love for everyone makes people happy.  It’s tough to be around him and not feel optimistic and happy. Ralph is a bit of a drooler when people are eating anything, from salad to pizza. He donates blood because his family had another dog before, and that dog needed blood a few times. Since he is healthy and strong, it’s time for him to help others. 

Robin L.

Robin, AKA Robgoblin, is a Lynx Point domestic short hair, who enjoys eating ANYTHING, unfortunately even if it’s inedible. His favorite activities are playing with every toy imaginable, especially the laser pointer, and snuggling under warm blankets. He is the most loving cat in the entire world. Before Robin was adopted, he was hit by a car and had to have surgery to remove a broken bone. He survived and now you can’t tell he was ever injured! He donates blood to pay it forward after all the help he had after his accident.

Robin L.

Robin, AKA Robgoblin, is a Lynx Point domestic short hair, who enjoys eating ANYTHING, unfortunately even if it’s inedible. His favorite activities are playing with every toy imaginable, especially the laser pointer, and snuggling under warm blankets. He is the most loving cat in the entire world. Before Robin was adopted, he was hit by a car and had to have surgery to remove a broken bone. He survived and now you can’t tell he was ever injured! He donates blood to pay it forward after all the help he had after his accident.

Roux L.

Rouz, Roux-barb, Roux-cifer, Roux-boo, Noodle, or Dodo is a super cuddly, oversized ears, panda wannabe, with endless energy to love hoomans and chase things. He enjoys eating anything that will fit in his mouth. Speaking of eating, Roux likes to shred blankets then eat them. He also can run for days and wiggle to no end. He sometimes picks on his sister, eats inappropriate things, and barks at inanimate objects that won’t play. Roux was saved twice, the first time via c-section and the second when his mom chose to adopt him. He donates blood because the medical team at BluePearl Renton saved him and he’d like to pay it forward by helping others. 

Russ A.

Russ, aka, Mischief on Legs is a gorgeous pale grey tabby, and he knows it. His favorite food is bread crust. No Joke. Russ spends his free time trying to figure out how to open cat-proofed cabinets to get in and eat the bread. In fact, he will open and slam drawers at 2:00 am to protest the locked cabinets keeping him away from the bread. He gets along with absolutely everyone (except the grumpy other cat Nila who hates everyone) and loves to play and just spend time hanging around people or dogs, which he thinks he is. Russ serves to keep his owners on their toes and always vigilant of what is lurking around each corner, because it might be him ready to pounce on your toes. Russ decided to be a blood donor and calls it “Community Service” for all of the things he’s destroyed.

Sammy M.

Sammy, aka Baron von Schmooshface, Smooshie, Schmoo, and The Nibbler, is a blue and white Pitbull mix who is all heart. He likes sharing apples with his mom when they hike, eating cheese (and anything else that falls on the floor), and especially loves bacon. He loves hiking, swimming, chewing on sticks, taking naps on the couch, and deconstructing toys to find out why they squeak. He’s not always the best at picking up on what “personal space” is, but he is loved none the less. To Sammy the world is full of friends and potential friends. Sammy loves the great outdoors and couch snuggles, and he wants to give other dogs the chance to have as much of those as possible. He donates blood to give other dogs the chance to live a full wonderful life like he does.

Scout G.

Scout, Scoutie, Scoutalicious, is a pitbull who is white with a brown spot on his left ear. He loves to eat steak, rice, and really anything except vegetables! His favorite activities are playing Frisbee, playing with his Chuck-it, and chasing squirrels. Scout has a bright smile and enjoys snuggling, but snores like an old man. He is playful and loves everyone. Scout is special because he is a lover. He might be big and some people are scared of him, but he is all love all the time. He donates blood because if he can help others he will in any way possible.

Shadow C.

Shadow is a blue domestic shorthair and is often called Dow or DowDow. She enjoys snuggling under the covers, getting loves, and purring. Shadow loves all food, but her favorite may be the Royal Canin kitten kibble that she sneaks on occasion! She has a wonderful mothering instinct and helps care for foster kittens. Shadow is a special girl who gets along with everyone and loves her parents very much. She donates because her older brother, who she never got to meet, was a blood donor and Mom felt she had the best temperament to be the donor of the family.

Shawn R.

Shawn, a black and white domestic shorthair, enjoys eating food – all food. He also likes to sleep in the dog kennel, chase feathers and flies, find high and unusual places to perch, and watch the neighbors. Shawn has the loudest purr and extra soft fur. Sometimes he can be a bit snooty and stand-offish and will occasionally mark towels as his own, but his family loves him! He donates blood because he is bigger than the dog but also to help cats that aren’t as lucky and healthy as he is.

Stella O.

Stella, AKA Heavenly Rags Stella, is a blue point ragdoll who loves eating anything and everything. She loves sleeping, playing with paper, and putting all her toys in one place. Stella is wonderfully mellow and does not let anything upset her, but tends to flop right in front of you. You’re lucky if you don’t fall trying to avoid her. Stella is special because she is only one of about 300 registered therapy cats. Her picture is of her visiting a nursing home. Stella is a blood donor to help save lives.

Syl and Tirian C.

Syl (Silly) and Tirian (T-Bone) are two lab mix siblings that were adopted from the shelter together. Even though they are from the same litter, they look nothing alike. They love to dig and restack wood (favorite activity and bad habit in one!) and are very lovey-dovey. They enjoy eating liver treats (hooray!). They donate blood because their bog brother received donated blood.

Tara K.

Tara, Tara-monkey, Tara the Brave is a tuxedo cat with lovely white whiskers and eyelashes and a perfect little white spot on her tummy. She loves eating turkey, cuddling with mama, helping to write the cat advice blog – Paws and Effect. Tara is a sweet, brave kitty, and she loves to sit on her mama’s lap and purr a whisper-soft purr. She occasionally eats her housemates’ food, but is otherwise perfect. Tara was found on a cold, wet November day wandering the mean streets of Greenwood. No owner was found so she got to move in with Mama and her cat family. She donates blood because once Mama had a cat that needed a blood transfusion, and she wants to pay it forward. They want to tell everyone about blood donation and why it is so important for feline blood donors to step up for their fellow kitties.

Thom Yorke M.

Thom Yorke, aka Thom-Thom, Thomas, Naughty Kitty is a flame-point Siamese, who is full of life and energy. There is never a dull moment in his life. He has beautiful big bright blue eyes, the loudest purr you’ve ever heard, and a cool striped tail. He loves to eat EVERYTHING! Thom gets his exercise by running, pouncing, chasing his sister Millie, playing in paper bags, and chasing the laser pointer. He is cuddly (when he wants to be), entertaining to watch play, and he has a super cute sad face! His bad habits are chewing things and pouncing on our stomachs when we are trying to sleep. Thom is special because he’s kind of wild and crazy, but we love him anyway! He donates blood because he was a rescue, and we figured he should pay it forward!

Toby N.

Toby (aka Toby Tobes, Toblerone, and little tobski) enjoys playing, meowing at hummingbirds, chasing his sister Cleo around, and cat crazies. He is very loving and always greets his owners and follows them around talking. He also likes to make sure Cleo’s head is clean and gives her extra kisses. Toby is an early riser (between 3:00 am – 4:00 am) and likes to let everyone know that he is awake! He knows where the toys are hidden and tries to get at them any hour of the day. Toby donates blood in memory of his canine brother Denali and to help other cats that may be sick and need blood transfusions. Also, since his sister Cleo isn’t big enough to be a donor he donates for her too!

Zoey R.

Zoey is a typical boxer, full of love and energy. She is always happy and makes every day 1000 times better. Zoey, whose nickname is “Poop”, enjoys eating cucumbers and hiking. When she wags her tail her whole body wiggles with it! She generously donates blood to help other pups in need.