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Samantha Nelson, MS, DVM, DACVS-SA


Specialist, Board Certified in Veterinary Surgery-Small Animal

On The Job

A former geologist, Dr. Samantha Nelson found such satisfaction in her volunteer work with animals that she became a veterinarian instead. She specializes in surgery because she can quickly cure or dramatically improve life-threatening and/or debilitating conditions. Her particular clinical interests include all aspects of cancer surgery, but especially skin reconstruction after large/difficult tumor removal; wound management, healing and reconstruction; minimally invasive surgery, notably laparoscopy and thoracoscopy; cranial cruciate ligament injury in dogs; and the intricacies of feline surgery.


Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgery
Residency, Small Animal Surgery, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Internship, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, University of Georgia, Athens
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Master of Arts, Geology, State University of New York, Buffalo
Bachelor of Arts, Geology, Whitman College, Walla Walla WA

Off Duty

Some of Dr. Nelson’s favorite pastimes include CrossFit, Olympic weight-lifting, road biking, backpacking, mountaineering, kayaking, paddleboarding, snowboarding, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Other activities she enjoys that require slightly less effort include watching Seahawks football and Mariners baseball, all things cats, backyard birding, gardening and trying new microbrews.

She has two dogs and two cats. Finnegan is her happy-go-lucky flat-coated retriever who thinks every aspect, every minute of life is the BEST-THING-EVER. Gracie is her energetic, affectionate, agility- and fetch-crazy border collie mix. Dillinger, aka Dilly, is her rescued orange and white tabby cat named after the famed bank robber who was so fast no one could catch him. And Dexter, a rescued ragdoll cat, is a cool cat who loves road trips and outdoor adventures.

Select Articles and Publications

Krotscheck, U, Nelson, SA, Todhunter, RJ, Stone, M, Zhang, Z. 2016. Long-term functional outcome of tibial tuberosity advancement versus tibial plateau leveling osteotomy and extracapsular repair in a heterogeneous population of dogs. Veterinary Surgery. 45 (2). 261 – 8.

Krotscheck, U, Todhunter, RJ, Nelson, SA, Sutter, NB, Mohammed, HO. 2014. Precision and accuracy of ground reaction force normalization in a heterogeneous population of dogs. Veterinary Surgery. 43 (4). 437 – 445.

Nelson, SA, Krotscheck U, Rawlinson J, Todhunter R, Zhang Z, Mohammed H. 2012. Long-term functional outcome of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy versus extracapsular repair in a heterogeneous population of dogs. Veterinary Surgery. 42 (1). 38-50.