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Sylvia Lee, DVM


On The Job

Dr. Sylvia Lee stubbornly declared she would be a veterinarian as soon as she understood the career would allow her to dedicate her life to the care and welfare of animals. Her grandfather fostered her childhood interest by providing her an endless supply of animal-themed books; keeping her company as she groomed all the family pets; and holding her in his arms when she cried after returning each of the “lost” cats she brought home. Dr. Lee sees surgeons as “fixers,” and the types of surgical cases she especially likes to “fix” include advanced orthopedics, oncology and regenerative medicine for chronic osteoarthritis. She also finds minimally invasive surgery gratifying. Dr. Lee has received advanced training in advanced fracture repair, external skeletal fixators, CBLO and minimally invasive arthroscopy.


Residency, Small Animal Surgery, BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Tampa FL Internship, Surgery, Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, TX
Internship, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Tampa FL
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, Manhattan
Bachelor of Science, Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, University of California, San Diego

Off Duty

Dr. Lee’s pastimes include trail running and cooking (but not baking). She has three animal companions.

A boxer mix, Bailey came to live with Dr. Lee at age five after spending time in three different foster homes. A constant companion, Bailey has ridden shotgun coast to coast, following her mom through all of her veterinary training. Bailey spends her time chasing calves, staring down squirrels, running in any and all bodies of water, squeezing into inappropriately small dog beds, splashing people with drool while shaking, spooning, getting neck rubs, and dining on fine cuisine. Some of her favorite foods include bison, sweet potatoes, bagels, yogurt, oranges, French fries and sheep poop.

Dr. Lee found Slinky, the calico/tabby domestic shorthair cat, with her littermates as a tiny ball of fluff in the wall of a construction site. Dr. Lee immediately called dibs on Slinky whose favorite things in life are boxes of various sizes, chasing the elusive red dot, laying in clean laundry, making the dog nervous with eye contact, and purring into the ears of the sleeping.

Chicken Wing joined the Lee family after being hit by a car as a stray teenager. She is an expert little spoon and biscuit maker, which made her an instant foster failure. Her life’s goal is to weigh as much as her human caretaker, so she will raid anything edible left unsupervised – such as chicken wings.