Were extremely fortunate to find BluePearl

Chelsea Maria is our 9-year-old Kelpie. She became frighteningly sick on a weekend and our vet hospital was closed. We were extremely fortunate to find BluePearl in Grand Rapids. Our treatment was tender, merciful and compassionate the moment we stepped through their doors. Chelsea was attended to within seconds. The CSRs and techs (Jess H., Elyse, Brit, and Jessica K.) were unbelievably attentive, patient and very knowledgeable.

Dr. Keepman is sensational. He is one of the best, if not the best, veterinarians I have ever met. He possesses an endless bounty of patience and compassion for both the patient and the parents (owners). He took the time to explain every detail of her illnesses, care, procedures, results, treatment and prognoses.

We will never forget the love, kindness and empathy that enveloped us as we nervously awaited the outcome of our visit. Chelsea is showing much improvement, and I am so appreciative.


Helene Grillo