A Board-Certified Surgeon Makes All the Difference

My 12-year-old golden girl, Brandy, had been swimming and playing on the pool deck when she suddenly couldn’t put any weight on her left rear leg. Our local vet gave NSAIDs and pain medicine thinking it was just a strain/sprain, but in the middle of the night, Brandy started to whimper and was unable to get up. We do have an emergency vet in the county but made the decision to take her an hour away to BluePearl in Tampa.

By history alone, Dr. Burstiner, the ER physician, had a strong suspicion Brandy tore her ACL. A surgical consult was done by Dr. Michael Reems, who had operated on Brandy years earlier. She underwent TPLO surgery. Drs. Reems, Burstiner and their team gave Brandy excellent care and kept us abreast of everything.

It is now 9 months post op and, with a combination of Dr. Reems post op care and rehab by Dr. Jennifer Brown, Brandy is doing very well. In fact, during the months prior to her surgery, Brandy was taking NSAIDs as needed. Since her surgery, she has been off all NSAIDs. We think that is phenomenal for a golden girl who will be turning 13 next month!

Going to a board-certified surgeon makes all the difference in not only the procedure but in the outcome! Thank you to everyone at BluePearl!

Joanne Palmieri