A day that brought us relief

June 28, 2010 was a day that brought us a relief to some extent, a sad one, after a month of not knowing what is going on with our beloved American eskimo “Astro” the relief came in form of Dr. Ferreri’s expertise. We went to several vets and hospitals and even thought they did very good work and tried to find out the answer it remained a mystery, not because they failed but because this disease is tricky to diagnose but Dr. Jean Ferreri gave us precise diagnosis within hours. We were very impressed with her knowledge, informativeness, humanity and the way she handled the situation overall. It was hemangiosarcoma that silently attacked Astro’s spleen, kidneys and lungs and made him deadly ill, it was this aggressive disease that made us decide to end Astro’s suffering. He was a very special and loyal dog that can’t be replaced ever and we are very thankful that he went in peace and in a presence of Dr. Jean Ferreri, she was the one that made this sad process peaceful for all of us. This is a form of thank you to this very special vet.

– Martina Bican