A Long-Awaited Diagnosis for Bailey

Bailey, our 1-year-old rescue, started to drink a lot of water and stopped wanting to eat. Our family veterinarian performed blood work and a urinalysis thinking she was diabetic, but all her tests were negative. He referred us to a local vet specialty group who also did a number of tests that were all inconclusive. Nobody could find out what was wrong with Bailey. In the mean time, she was so thin and near death.

I didn’t want to give up on her, so I called BluePearl and told the receptionist about Bailey’s symptoms. She asked if I could hold on the line. A couple minutes later Dr. Scott Rizzo was on the phone asking me a few questions and asked if I could bring her in ASAP.

I took her to see Dr. Rizzo and he did some testing. Just a couple hours later he had a diagnosis – Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis. He started her on some medications and after several visits and adjustments to the medication, she’s a healthy, happy doggy.

I could not believe that he knew what was wrong with Bailey so fast since she had seen other vets and had numerous tests and no diagnosis. But, he did! She gives her older Labrador brother a run for his money now!

Bailey would not be alive today if it were not for Dr. Rizzo. She sees him yearly now just for blood work and she loves him. I think she knows he saved her life! The staff at BluePearl is wonderful. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Dr. Rizzo!

Janet Nutting