A Serious Eye Problem Threatened Chiquita’s Life

Dr. Anja Welihozkiy, in the Sarasota office, saved the vision of our 16 1/2 year old Chihuahua, and probably also saved her life. As a very senior citizen, Chiquita enjoys lying in the sun, eating snacks and riding in the basket of my husband’s bicycle. Unfortunately, she developed a serious eye problem that threatened her health and her ability to enjoy her life.

Thankfully, our primary care veterinarian referred us to Dr. Welihozkiy who immediately diagnosed the problem and provided the treatment needed to save Chiquita’s vision and restore her to good health. Dr. Welihozkiy worked with us over several weeks to ensure that Chiquita did well.

We are forever grateful to Dr. Welihozkiy for her knowledge and dedication, as well as her kindness to Chiquita and to us.

Deb Kabinoff