A True Partner in Managing Chronic Illness

My cat Dirty and his brother Martini were rescued from a very bad situation and I adopted them. One morning Dirty passed pure blood in the litter box. I had to rush him to the BluePearl emergency hospital in Queens, NY.

Dr. Eriksson greeted me upon arrival. He patiently communicated complex medical information to me in a way that made sense. His generosity with information made everything easier to handle. He spoke with Dirty’s regular vet and made me feel like any information I had about my cat’s history was useful and essential in manifesting Dirty’s recovery. His vision for how to move forward, made me feel like I had a true and brilliant ally in the struggle to save Dirty’s life. His honesty about the challenges ahead gave me the strength to take the financial risks and emotionally prepare for the future.

Whenever I follow Dr. Eriksson’s instructions exactly, Dirty improves exactly as Dr. Eriksson predicted. When Dirty relapses due to the challenges of a chronic illness, Dr. Eriksson always checks in on Dirty, no matter where he is working, no matter how busy he is. He stays actively involved in Dirty’s care until Dirty is discharged. Dr. Eriksson has called me from the hospital on days that should be his day off to check on Dirty’s progress. His enthusiastic involvement creates stability and consistency in the diagnostic process. Dr. Eriksson makes me feel like I am always doing the right thing by doing everything I can to help Dirty.

Thank you to everyone at BluePearl for creating a hospital with a heart. Thank you for the powerful state-of-the-art facilities. Thank you for the thoughtful visitor policy. Thank you for the wonderful gift of your entire staff. Most of all, thank you for Dr. Eriksson. I don’t know what I would have done without him this past year. He represents, in every word and deed, the very best of what your hospital does for people and their pets.

Yvonne Mojica
New York