A Weight Was Lifted

We brought our little girl Betti in to the emergency services that is in the same building as BluePearl. Betti had become suddenly ill. Dr. McKee in ER was able to stabilize Betti. Her prognosis was unsure. We were so overwhelmed with worry. We did not want to think of our life without Betti. Thankfully, she made it through the night.

We met with Dr. Lucas the following morning. He explained to us that he felt Betti had HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis), and it was treatable. The weight of the world on our shoulders lifted. Betti was going to make it. We are so grateful to Dr. Lucas and his staff.

Betti made it home and she is back to her normal self. One million thanks to all. We are forever grateful.

Leonard, Bea and Betti Hetle