Abigail Quickly Grew to Trust BluePearl

My dog, Abigail, was diagnosed with Lymphoma just before Thanksgiving. I took her to BluePearl and she was able to participate in a Lymphoma study. They treated her quickly, and got the Lymphoma under control. She quickly went into remission.

Abigail did not like anyone touching her prior to her care at BluePearl, but because of their passionate care for animals, she quickly grew to trust the oncology department and became a new dog socially.

Abigail has now passed from Lymphoma, but it was not because of the care at BluePearl. I recommend BluePearl all the time to people that have animals in serious condition.

I would just like to say thank you to BluePearl for all you have done for my sweet Abigail.

Taylor Wallin