Ace Was Bitten

Our sweet 5-year-old cat, Ace, loves to try to play with our big dogs. He also loves to bite their ears while they sleep. We aren’t sure what set it off, but on Sunday night (Mother’s Day), our lab bit Ace, and it was pretty bad. He was bleeding from his eye, head, nose and mouth. I’m pretty sure I had a mini heart attack. His eye immediately swelled shut but kept bleeding. It was almost midnight, and we didn’t know what to do.

After my son Googled 24-hour vets, we were pleased to learn that BluePearl was open and close by. When we walked in, they immediately took Ace out of my hands and quickly took him to a room. I wasn’t even through the door . That was when I knew we were in good hands. Dr. Nix examined Ace, explained his evaluation and gave us treatment options. He was very thorough and answered all of our many questions. After Dr. Nix treated Acey and brought him back to the room, the nurse went over all the meds and demonstrated how to administer them. Cats are way different than dogs when it comes to this.

We are so thankful for BluePearl, a vet that stays open 24/7. We were terrified, and there is no way we could have waited 8 hours until the next day. Thank you so much to everyone there that night. You were all great, professional and comforting.

Kimberley Smith