Aggressive Cancer Kept at Bay

Our 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Missy, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. We met with Dr. Husbands who was so nice and caring. He explained the various treatment options available to us in a very gentle and emphatic manner. He really cared about Missy and us and it showed.

He has followed up with us regularly and is available to answer all of our questions, and we had a number of them. While the outlook is still grave, we feel confident that we made the best decision for Missy because of BluePearl and Dr. Husbands. Missy is doing great right now and we keep hope alive and pray for her to continue to fight and hold the cancer at bay.

Missy will be celebrating her 10th birthday on July 4th and we have a lot to be thankful this year because of Dr. Husbands and the staff at BluePearl.

Bob & Peggy Cristofono