Always Welcomed with a Warm Smile

My sweet baby girl, Nevaeh, came down with an upper respiratory infection and fever, which caused her eyes to become swollen and inflamed. As a result, I was given eye ointment that had to be administered every few hours. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at trying to apply the medication by myself at home, both myself and my baby girl were extremely stressed out. The incredible staff at BluePearl-Clearwater, and specifically Emily, were kind enough to assist me in giving Nevaeh her medication.

Over the course of the entire treatment time, which was several days, I would take Nevaeh to the Clearwater location where Emily always welcomed us with a warm smile. She immediately helped put my sweet girl at ease so that her eye ointment could be administered without any undue stress. She truly became a godsend at such a critical time. I can’t thank her and the rest of the staff at BluePearl enough for helping Nevaeh get better!