Bitty is on the Mend

After my 13-year-old calico cat Bitty came in dragging herself around by her front legs one Sunday afternoon, I took her to our vet on Monday morning. X-rays revealed that she had a severe fracture in one hind leg. Two bones that were supposed to connect had shifted apart.

This was more extensive and intricate than our own veterinary clinic could handle. Our vet called BluePearl in Brentwood, Tennessee and arranged for me to take Bitty straight there. We were greeted warmly, compassionately, and professionally.

Bitty had surgery and came home two days later sporting a bright pink cast. She will be in the cast a few more weeks but at her two-week check-up she was doing very well and the doc expects a full recovery.

Dr. Kevin Au and the entire staff treated my cat and me as if we were their most important client and patient. I would not hesitate to recommend BluePearl to anyone needing specialty medicine or surgery for their pet. My cat is my baby and thanks to BluePearl she and I can continue with our normal lives.

Carla Dickerson