BluePearl figured everything out in minutes

I took my very healthy dog to a different hospital for a simple teeth cleaning. They had me come into the hospital very early AM and leave my tiny 3-pound baby in a cold metal cage for hours. They didn’t do her teeth until 2:30 that afternoon. What was returned to me was a dog with a heart condition and a serious infection. I brought her back to the doctor insisting my dog is dying. He took X-rays but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. While she was there, a friend of mine told me about this amazing hospital, BluePearl. She said she had never been there, but two of her friends had dogs near death, and they saved their lives. So I rushed over to BluePearl.

While my vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and she had spent hours at his office, the initial doctor at BluePearl figured everything out in minutes! She had a heart murmur and a horrific infection. He rushed her into ICU for two days, then I took her home administering antibiotics for 10 days. She lived another three months, but suffered a massive heart attack Thanksgiving morning and died. I am so grateful to the professionalism of these wonderful doctors that I had another three months with my Lady Guinevere before she died. The staff is fabulous, the hospital is kept immaculate, and in ICU they had her on soft spotless blankets to make her as comfortable as possible. My vet gave her a heart condition that couldn’t be reversed. Please, if your pet has a serious problem, take them here because if they cannot save your pets life, no one can.

Dyandria Darél
New York