BluePearl saved our half-pound puppy’s life

I want to thank the staff and doctors at BluePearl in San Antonio. My wife brought our baby pug, Dakota, extremely dehydrated and lethargic on Sunday night. We had been told from the person we bought her from that she was 8 weeks old. This baby barely weighed half a pound! The doctors there literally saved her life with the help of their sister location down on Broadway and 410! We didn’t think our pup was 8 weeks old, and we just confirmed that she is barely 4-5 weeks old! Our pup is now doing great and vibrant!

We have used this location a few other times, and they have been amazing. This is the first time that we posted anything. Shame on us! I can’t thank these people enough! They saved this pup that should have never been sold to us at 3 1/2 weeks old!

Thank you very much!