BluePearl Understands That Pets Are Part of the Family

We took our cat Sampson to BluePearl in Blaine, Minn. after being seen by our local vet. He is 5 1/2 yrs old and is one of four inside cats we have. We learned that Sampson has congestive heart failure which will eventually be fatal.

Even though his prognosis isn’t what we wanted, just knowing what is happening with him, what our options are, and what we can do for him provides a level of relief and comfort for us. His prognosis is that he can live comfortably with the oral medications he was prescribed for an undetermined length of time. It could be a month, six months, a year, it’s just hard to say. Except that he definitely won’t live to be an old cat.

We have had two previous experiences with BluePearl with other cats. Both of them had a very serious diagnosis of different types of cancer. Both were young and only lived a short time after being diagnosed. There was very little we could do for them other than try to keep them as comfortable as possible for as long as was humane for them.

These experiences themselves are obviously disheartening, stressful, frustrating and sad to go through. Sometimes you wonder if all the expense and tests and treatments are worth it. Are they humane for your pets? Are you adding to your pets stress level?

Our experiences with BluePearl have really helped to put us at ease with these feelings and the questions that go along with it. The feeling of knowing you at least did everything reasonable you could for your pet has helped us. From our experience with them we really feel that they provide the best medical care, options and treatments available for pets. Pets become a part of the family. The BluePearl staff we have dealt with obviously recognize that and incorporate that into the way they do business. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs more that just basic medical care for a pet.

Joe & Nancy Poll