Breezeway Isn’t Just a Dog

We had a break-in at our Marine dealership and six boats were stolen. Upon my arrival at the dealership, the first thing I noticed was the back gate was open, the dog pen’s door open, and massive amounts of blood in the pen , parking lot and against the building. Needless to say my heart sank like a rock. I just knew our dog Breezeway had been hurt real bad and was most likely laying dead somewhere.

I searched our rear lot, the marsh behind & up & down the street but there was no sign of “Breeze.” After speaking with the Norfolk Police Department, I drove to Norfolk Animal Control to see if one of their agents had found her. They said a dog of that description was picked up at 4am and seemed to have been stabbed. They had taken her to BluePearl.

I jumped in my truck and drove like a wild man to the Virginia Beach BluePearl hospital. I ran inside and asked the receptionist about the dog that Norfolk Animal Control had brought there. The doctor overhead me and stated that the dog hadn’t been stabbed, but shot twice. He had just done x-rays on her.

I still didn’t know if this was our dog or not, so I asked if I could see her to confirm. I was taken back to an exam room. They opened up the door and there was our Breezeway! I cannot describe the joy and heart break I felt upon seeing her laying there on the exam table.

She still had two large caliber rounds in her and massive blood loss, but when she saw me she still wagged her tail! The doctor stated that he could remove the rounds from her and she should be okay upon healing. After I gave the go ahead to operate, they took her into surgery and removed the two bullets. I returned later that afternoon to spend time with her. The staff fashioned a place for me to sit and I spent hours talking to her and rubbing her head. BluePearl even offered to let me spend the night with Breezeway if I wanted to.

During the next 24 hours, several of the staff at Norfolk Marine came by to visit her and all were treated with compassion. I would like to thank everybody at BluePearl for their skills, compassion and the respect they showed to not only me but all the crew that stopped by to check on her. Breezeway isn’t “just a dog,” she is part of the Norfolk Marine family.

John Farlow
Norfolk Marine Company