Brodie Fought With Everything He Had

We had been to BluePearl over the last few years with our Brodie (Yorkshire terrier) that had a collapsed trachea and had several bad bouts with his breathing. It is literally heartbreaking to hear the honking sound they make with this condition when exacerbated . Our last visit, July 14,2015, Brodie was cared for by Dr. Tracy Morris. Words can never express her skill and compassion for our dog and towards us. Brodie spent the night while they tried to regain and ease his symptoms once again.

The next day, we transferred him to our local vet with anticipation we would bring him home later that day. However, it was not meant to be. At 12 years of age his little body could no longer fight the fight. He tried with everything he had, and he passed with us holding and loving on him and letting him know it was ok to go and we would meet again. The care at BluePearl is top-notch, and they take the fur babies parents and pets all into consideration. The staff has always been great.

Thank you for all you do at BluePearl.

Kelly Stanwood