I cannot imagine a kinder doctor for Theo’s final moments

I had my beloved cat, Theodore, put to sleep at the Sandy Springs location this morning. He had been diagnosed at a different clinic earlier this week with what appears to have been an aggressive carcinoma of the small intestine and kidney.

I just wanted to share a picture of Theo with Dr. Conlon from just 7 weeks ago, when he was his vibrant, youthful (for a 15+ year old cat) self. Dr. Conlon was so genuine, compassionate, patient and consoling during my final morning and moments with Theodore. In such a painful and difficult time, I cannot imagine a kinder doctor who could have been there with Theodore and me than Dr. Conlon.

I know she shared my anguish in seeing Theodore in his final, pitiable condition. I would like her to see him when he was himself, and happy.

Thank you Dr. Conlon, for your care today. And thank you to Melissa the vet tech, and to the front desk staff. Everyone was wonderfully kind and professional to me and Theo. I’ll always remember how you did everything you could to make today less painful for me.

Harold Kang