Care and Respect for Muffin, and Us

Muffin, a 15-year-old shih tzu, has been treated in the past by Drs. Goulet, Miller, Olson, and for the last three years by Dr. Otte. They have all treated both Muffin and us with the utmost care and respect. He had several health issues including Cushing’s disease, neurological problems of his back legs, and possibly a brain tumor.

Dr. Otte always gave us the facts as she saw them and gave us possible avenues of treatment. Her advice was always in the best interest of Muffin and us. She is a true animal lover and a first class vet with the compassion to help all involved including the pet and its owners.

We had to say goodbye to Muffin, but we wanted the management at BluePearl to how compassionate Dr. Otte is with her patients and their families. Thank you Dr. Otte for helping Lin and I through a very difficult decision at a very difficult time. We will always be grateful.

Lin & Gary Howe