Chemotherapy Added Quality Time With Shadow

Shadow, our 8-year-old husky, was diagnosed with lymphoma in June of last year (2015). We were devastated, to say the least. We were told without treatment she would have about a month to live. We sat with Dr. Schmidt and went over our options. Quality of life was always our main priority. We didn’t want to put her through anything that would make her uncomfortable or miserable. We decided to go with chemotherapy.

Shadow went every 3 weeks for a total of eight treatments. It didn’t take long for us to know we made the right decision. Within a couple of weeks, she was pouncing and playing with her brother again and catching snowballs this winter (she loved the snow)! The treatment that she received at BluePearl was amazing. She loved them and they loved her. She was always super excited to go to her treatments. They even gave her a stuffed squeaky carrot to take home after her final treatment. She loved that carrot even though she destroyed it every time.

Unfortunately, we lost our little girl this March as her cancer came back pretty quickly. The treatment that she received gave us not only nearly 9 more months with her, but they were such quality months, too. Mike and I cannot thank Dr. Schmidt and the entire staff at BluePearl enough for helping us make that happen for Shadow.

Cori Karger