Chemotherapy Extended Shadow’s Life

In September of 2014, our 10-year-old border collie/Aussie was diagnosed with lymphoma. Our regular vet suggested we go to BluePearl to check on chemotherapy treatments. We went for a consultation with Dr. Nestor, and he talked to us about several treatments. We opted to try five treatments once every three weeks. Shadow went in remission in mid December, and we were very excited to hear the good news. We came back for rechecks after one month, then two months, and everything was still good.

We received a call from Dr. Nestor in late March telling us they were bringing on an oncology specialist and he was turning our case over to her. Her name is Dr. Sara Allstadt. We met with her in April for a consultation. She treated us as if she had known us like family. Upon examination, Shadow’s lymphoma had come back. She talked to us about one more option. It was called an Elspar injection, and it gave us two more months with her.

Shadow took a turn for the worse on June 23. She got very sick, so we took her in for an examination. Dr. Allstadt talked to us about Shadow, and it was not good news. She thought it may be time to say goodbye. She was very compassionate and gave us time to make the decision. We knew it was time to say goodbye. We will miss our little sweet pea. Thanks to Dr. Nestor, Dr. Sara Allstadt, and all the staff for being so caring during our visits.

Thanks to all of you.

Melvin & Martina Kirkwood