Cherishing Every Day With Dory

Dr. Coyle is the most compassionate doctor I know and we are so blessed to have her. My Dory was suppose to only live six to eight months with her lymphoma. This is not curable but it can be treated to prolong her life as long as its a good quality of life.

So here we are 15 months later and Dory is still going strong. I credit Dr. Coyle and her staff for at least 90 percent of this remarkable turnaround.

She is my soul mate dog and I know one day she will go to be with God, but for now I cherish everyday I have with her and I’m blessed she will be with us for another holiday.

Yes, I’ve payed more then expected because she has lived for so long and guess what? It was worth every penny! We love you Dr. Coyle!

Maryann Mollica