Coconut Was Surrounded by Love

Our 11 year-old baby American eskimo, Coconut, was diagnosed in 2010 with canine Cushing’s disease. Fortunately, our veterinarians caught it and she responded well to the meds. However, in March 2014, she refused to take her medications and ultimately it was due to gastritis which was treated. One test led to another and within three weeks, she went totally blind.

Our veterinarians referred us to BluePearl where Dr. Stacy Andrew and her assistant, Jason, conducted tests that revealed she did not have retina degeneration but a benign tumor in her pituitary gland, consistent with Cushing’s, was probably pressing against her optic nerves causing blindness as well as swelling on her brain. A treatment plan was offered and we tried it but after a few days, we felt Coconut had lost all quality of life.

We have to thank Drs. Karen Colson and Tina Ballon at Medlock Bridge Animal Hospital in Peachtree Corners for her years of treatment and referral to BluePearl. In the end, Dr. Jean Sonnenfield at BluePearl sent Coconut to heaven. Suzette, the technician, was very caring. We connected so well too with Dr. Sonnenfield who cried with us at the end. She truly captured our hearts with her sincere sorrow in our loss. A few days later she sent a beautiful card with a consoling message and a paw print that is a beautiful keepsake we will treasure forever. 

Bob and Cindy Lacy