Comfort During Roxi’s Last Hours

I called BluePearl on Super Bowl Sunday night because my 11-year-old corgi, Roxi, had completely lost her appetite and her gums were extremely pale. Gabby, at the front desk, said her pale gums are considered an emergency and we should bring her in ASAP. When we walked in, Gabby greeted us at the door, remembering us from the phone call, and rushed Roxi into the clinic. Dr. Sidel and her team took very good care of her. While running a dangerously high fever, Roxi was under constant care of ice packs and temperature monitoring.

She spent the night and, unfortunately, there wasn’t a happy ending to the story. Roxi had what seemed to be a large cancerous tumor on her liver and was progressively getting worse by the minute… She wouldn’t survive another night without ongoing treatment. Dr. Sidel informed us of our options after working a long night shift at the clinic and staying even later just to finish talking with us. We were then directed to Dr. Herbert, who helped us consider all options and then ultimately perform euthanasia.

The staff and doctors at BluePearl were extremely comforting and knowledgeable… It’s a good feeling knowing that Roxi was beyond taken care of during her last hours.

Caitlin Reeves