Compassion and Care for Clancy

I want to thank the exceptional staff at BluePearl in Southfield for their excellent care and compassion as we lost our 22-year-old cat, Clancy, in late November. Clancy became ill quickly on a Saturday and by Sunday was quite lethargic and breathing heavily. Our vet was closed and I was hesitant to go to an unfamiliar emergency vet. Clancy died in my arms on the way to BluePearl. When we arrived we were immediately escorted into a private room where the vet confirmed Clancy’s passing. They were so kind to us and made a paw print clay plaster for us with Clancy’s paw prints and name. Thank you so much for everything. Every one of your staff members, from the receptionist who took my call to the vet technician, were wonderful. Although you know when you have an animal well into their senior years (22 is old for a cat) that their time is limited, it is still so difficult to lose them. Your staff certainly helped us during this difficult time. Thank you.

Nancy Johnson