Compassionate Care, for Pets and People

Dr. Murphy was the first doctor to examine Hestia when I brought her in. He was thorough and compassionate, and he made sense of a very confusing situation. Dr. McGonigle made me feel at home in the hospital and explained each wave of test results to me. She encouraged me to take an active role in the care of my cat and made me feel useful. Dr. Anderson counseled me through the decision to let my cat go, and she made the process as painless as possible for all of us involved. I owe her a debt of gratitude.

If in my final days on earth, I get half the level of compassionate, thorough care Hestia received at BluePearl, I’ll consider myself exceedingly fortunate. While my cat didn’t pull through, it wasn’t for lack of effort from the team. I was able to stay at the hospital with her as long as I wanted, and the staff offered frequent updates on her condition. While there, I saw that the staff treated each of the animals there with genuine compassion and even tenderness. 

Noelle V.
New York