Condolences for Sweet Coco


It was one of the worst days we’ve ever had, as we were forced to assist our sweet 15-year-old lab in heading to the rainbow bridge. Staff were polite, courteous and respectful. However, it really wasn’t the direct service that made the most impact. It was what staff did after. I remember being asked if we wanted paw prints and saying yes through the tears. Yesterday these came in the mail in a nice card which included the poem about the rainbow bridge. Staff had taken the time to sign the card and write us condolences about our sweet Coco. Loss of a pet is devastating, and this was a very caring gesture that they certainly didn’t have to do, but did so anyway. Our sweet Coco can now hear, see clearly and chase her beloved tennis ball. Thank you for a bright spot following the darkness. The paw prints will be treasured.

Dusty Scheiter
Kansas City