Confident We’re Making an Informed Decision

During our St. Bernard’s visit to our regular vet and subsequent blood work, she suspected he had some type of cancer going on and referred us to BluePearl in Brentwood. The office staff was fantastic during our phone calls back and forth for scheduling and questions I thought of after we made the appointment.

I wish I could say that Bernard’s (yes, we named our St. Bernard, Bernard) prognosis was good, but it is not. He has stage five cancer and a mass in his chest that takes up 70-80% of his chest cavity. What I CAN say is that the care and compassion we were met with was outstanding.

From the office staff, to Avi our technician, and Dr. Holste, we walked out of there knowing exactly what we needed to know, with all of our options, and were able to make what we are confident is an informed decision.

Thank you to the entire staff!! We are looking forward to caring for and loving Bernard for the remainder of the time we have left with him!

Kelly G.