Cooper has the Best Chance at Life

My dog Cooper was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. I was devastated by the diagnosis after losing my mother to cancer 21 years ago. My vet referred me to BluePearl and Dr. Husbands. When we had our first consult and started treatment it was very clear to me that Dr. Husbands was experienced and compassionate as well as up to date and always looking for new treatments.

He explained all options in detail and that dogs generally tolerate chemotherapy better than people (which was a strong fear I had about quality of life). Through that visit the doctor relayed best options for remission and what that means. It was the first time I began to have hope that we could keep Cooper with us for as long as possible with good quality of life.

We started treatment with the best option for remission as outlined by Dr. Husbands. Cooper has had two treatments now and is already responding to the treatments. He is doing great and still loves his food, chasing squirrels and going for walks as he goes through treatment so his quality of life is good.

As we have just started treatment which will be over four months and we can’t predict the final outcome, at least I have the peace of mind knowing that I gave Cooper the best chance at life. The staff and Dr. Husbands really genuinely care about my Cooper as well and I am thankful for that and all they have done so far.

Missy B.