Superheroes Saved Cooper the Wonder Dog

I am beyond grateful to BluePearl of Tampa and Brandon and all the wonderful doctors and nurses who worked diligently to save the life of my little man, Cooper. He is my 11-year-old, 11-pound, free-spirited papillon. He had stage IV tracheal collapse and was literally dying before my eyes, and the dedicated and talented doctors and nurses at both facilities quickly treated and stabilized Cooper, keeping him alive until Dr. Ishak of BluePearl Tampa could evaluate his condition and formulate a plan of action. Dr. Ishak inserted a 6-inch stent into Cooper’s trachea and saved his life. Cooper is doing great, and I am forever grateful to everyone whose gifted hands so gently and conscientiously gave Cooper his fourth new lease on life. That’s right, fourth!

This was not Cooper’s first rodeo. Over the years, 1) he has swallowed a needle and 2 feet of thread that required emergency surgery to remove it, 2) he was attacked by a pit bull and was badly injured, 3) he’s had knee surgery on both back legs and can now jump on the couch like a boss, and 4) he’s now the lucky recipient of a shiny, brand new tracheal stent.

Cooper may be my little wonder dog, but each and every one of you who contributed to Cooper’s diagnosis and recovery will forever be our superheroes! In the course of doing your job, that most times isn’t easy and is sometimes downright gut wrenching, please remember that, even in the worst of times, you are all superheroes to each and every pet in need who comes through the doors of BluePearl. Your duty, compassion, and dedication has not gone unnoticed by Cooper’s grateful family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Cathy Lukovich & Cooper the Wonder Dog