We couldn’t ask for a better team of professionals

My husband and I came home one night from dinner to find our Boy (Kitty Boy) laying in his normal spot on the couch. I got down to love on him and used my arms as a barricade while laying my head on his little body. Kitty Boy was a very gentle and loving cat, and he always purred very loudly, but I noticed when my head was laying on him I couldn’t hear him purr at all. I instantly knew something was wrong. Sensing that he was uncomfortable, I brought him into our bedroom and sat him on top of my chest (his favorite seat) and began to pet him and ask him what was wrong. His little face didn’t even look the same, and his big beautiful green eyes were darker than normal. Moments later he began making this loud groaning sound, and his little body started to blow up like a balloon. After speaking with my husband, we decided to take him to BluePearl.

Once we arrived, the staff at BluePearl were very soft and friendly. They took our Boy back to start tests, while we nervously waited in the waiting room. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we were escorted back to a room, where the doctor came in and told us the verdict.

Unfortunately, Kitty Boy had a urinary blockage, which was something we had no control over. With him being a male cat, he was prone to urinary infections such as this and, even with treatment, there was an 80% chance that we’d go through this horrible situation again.

We weren’t ready to lose our Boy. We hadn’t thought it would come to this so suddenly, but it was the best thing we could do. After spending a little over an hour with him in a quiet, emotional, tear-filled room, we decided it was time. We held our Boy’s head while he left us.

We’re so grateful and thankful for the staff at BluePearl. They were all so patient and so caring for us and, most importantly, our Boy. With what we had to go through, we really couldn’t ask for a better team of professionals. They even offered to make a little clay-keepsake of our Boy’s sweet little paw print.

Michelle Smith