Couldn’t Have Asked for Better Care

My 10-week old kitten Kimchi had to be rushed to BluePearl hospital for severe trauma to the head. The doctors and staff examined and cared for her immediately!

She was completely disoriented and clearly in a lot of pain. The doctors and staff did their best to make sure Kimchi was comfortable and well taken care of – as if she was their own! Over Kimchi’s two-day hospital stay, she started to show signs of improvement. Her sight partially returned and she was beginning to regain proper mobility.

Since then her eyesight has fully returned to both eyes and she is eating and using the litter on her own. She is a fully functional kitten. Overall, a now four-month old Kimchi has returned to her playful, leaping from one point to another, loveable self!

I couldn’t have asked for better care than what was provided by the BluePearl staff. Kimchi and I thank you for giving her another chance at life! Thank you so much BluePearl!

Simone D.
New York