Critical Treatment Saved Eddie

In February 2015, I had to take my 22-year-old black cat, Eddie, to the BluePearl Hospital in Tacoma for critical treatment. I no longer believed that the local veterinarian in Yelm had the 24-hour care facilities should hospitalization be required. The treatment that Eddie received at this facility has been OUTSTANDING. The local veterinarian in Yelm could have never provided the care and treatment Eddie required to recover.

At your facility, Eddie was able to receive the BEST CARE at a professional level not available at local facilities. This had already been the second time that the doctors at this facility have provided Eddie with the highest levels of professional care and allowed me to enjoy Eddie for many more years to come.

My gratitude and thanks to all the staff and doctors at BluePearl for their dedication to save Eddie.

Dr. Edgar G. Ribback