Daisy Mae Received the Best Possible Care

I cannot say enough good things about the staff and veterinarians at the BluePearl hospital in Southfield. Although we lost our sweet fur-baby, she received the very best possible care at this hospital.

Our hearts are still breaking over the loss of our beloved baby girl, Daisy Mae. Daisy was probably the prettiest springer spaniel I had ever seen. She was diagnosed with thymoma when she was barely 4 years of age. We were directed to Dr. Kozicki at BluePearl in Southfield where a CT scan confirmed our worst fears.

Surgery was done in a matter of days, and we were thrilled when the surgeon told us he felt it was very successful, and Daisy would have a good, long life. It was such a major surgery, Daisy’s breastbone had to be broken for a good “approach” to the tumor that pressed on her lungs and heart, but our sweet girl was so brave.

You see, Daisy had always suffered from severe separation anxiety, and we did not know how she could possibly survive being away from us. It’s as though she knew we were trying to help her, and she was so brave, spending four days at the BluePearl hospital.

Sadly, less than three months later, her mass returned, and after consulting with Dr. Kozicki, I was told I needed to “make plans.” There was nothing more that could be done since the tumor was returning again that fast. I snuggled with my baby one more night. I could see her breathing was becoming more labored, so we made the decision to “let her go” the very next day.

I still grieve for my special girl, and sometimes I find it hard to believe she is really gone. She was my best friend.

Sally Carr