Dog Version of “House M.D.”

Our German Shepherd, Alec, was initially diagnosed with canine immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. Our family veterinarian followed up with the blood work and rechecks, but when Alec presented with a bloody stool, our veterinarian advised we immediately take him to BluePearl for observation.

By the time he arrived at BluePearl he was basically at death’s door. We have to thank Dr. Cheryl Wood who ran every test she could think of to diagnose his condition (like a dog version of “House M.D.”). The entire internal medicine staff devoted themselves to his diagnosis and treatment. His spleen had a clot blocking the blood flow and his liver was also inflamed. He was carrying an extra 30 pounds of fluid in his chest and abdomen. As sick as he was he never once went to hide in the back of his kennel as if he wanted to give up, so we all fought on.

After three clear ultrasounds and seeing sufficient blood flow to his spleen, Alec was taken off the multiple antibiotics he was on. He has been home about three and half weeks. Two weeks ago it was like a switch was turned on – he was on the road back to health. In the past week he has been himself again playing with his toys, racing around the house and otherwise stirring up our other three dogs. I would say he is about 90% back to normal at this point.

He and I have a very special bond because when I brought him home to foster he had just been treated for heart worms and had to be kept still for four weeks. He was attached to my hip during this time and gave me his complete trust and loyalty. Even though we were supposed to be getting him ready for a forever family, he found it with us.

We are so thankful to the doctors and staff at BluePearl for helping us save my guy, there are not enough words to let them know how much their tireless work to save him mens to me and my husband.

Dee & Al Whitehead