Don’t Say “It’s Just a Cat!”

Derrick hadn’t eaten in six days. He had recieved IV and other meds but only worsened. Then it was recommened to take him to Michigan Veterinary Specialists. Dr. Elie was there that day, thank the Lord, because he found the problem and prescribed the right meds.

Derrick has always been thin but went from 8 to 7 lbs. He started to eat a little the next day and slowly gained 1.65 lbs. He has an intestinal problem and he started to lose weight again even though he’d been eating. After some adjustments and adding an antibiotic, he gained weight again.

During this time he also developed an eye problem and last year we were at Michigan Veterinary Specialists every two weeks for that. Clearing that up took a lot of work from the whole ophthalmology department, especially Dr. Lorimer.

His eyes are really good now and he still gets eye drops, which of course he doesn’t like. If you listened to him, he would tell you I’m the meanest person in the world; however, I know my little buddy loves me. Derrick has been a good friend for over 15 years. I’ll never turn my back on him and please, nobody say “It’s just a cat!’

Michele B.