Double Trouble for Ruby

Two times a charm! First, Ruby, our 8-year old boxer, was suffering from severe foot drag as a result of a spinal related condition. With the help of Dr. Wood, Ruby had an awesome examination and left with many possible outcomes. As a result, we had plenty of options to consider for treatment. In the end, we decided there was nothing that really could guarantee Ruby’s condition improving and therefore elected to bypass the expensive surgical procedures and tests that would give more diagnostic information. I appreciated that Dr. Wood never made me feel badly for making this decision. Her realistic advice and great feedback made me feel like I would never hesitate to come back. This feeling motivated me a few months later when we needed BluePearl for an emergency procedure.

When Ruby got into the trash while we were at work and ate corn cobs, it was back to BluePearl to save her life. Our primary vet suggested that surgery may be the only option because of the obstruction, but Dr. Moore decided on an endoscopy that left her fully recovered and without surgery. Hooray for BluePearl with their sophisticated equipment, knowledgeable and friendly staff to help us through these two emotionally upsetting situations.

K. Dallas