Pom’s emergency eye surgery success

In October, we were in for our third time with one of our rescue dogs. I must start by saying, anytime one has to go to the ER vet, it is not a fun event. This time, our little Pomeranian seemed to have been attacked by our German shepherd, and her eyeball was literally popping out of her little head. We brought her in and the front desk staff and vet, Dr. Odle, moved very quickly to get her evaluated. Dr. Odle told us she needed it operated on immediately. There were no guarantees that the surgery would be effective, but he was able to put in a stitch to hold the eyeball back in its place. We followed up with our regular vet the next week. The stitch was removed 10 days later and you cannot even tell anything happened today.

I believe people can be harsh in their reviews when they lose their pet or are charged what they see as too high a fee. I believe, like I said at the beginning, that anytime you have to go to a ER vet like BluePearl, that it is an emergency situation, usually after regular hours (or on a weekend or holiday) and it is kind of like a person going to the ER at a hospital. They really do employ very caring and qualified people whom we encountered from the front desk personnel, nursing or vet techs, and the vets. This was our third visit here and each instance has been completely different from the standpoint of the injury as well as the outcome. One was one of our dogs that was run over by a car after he escaped our house and we, unfortunately, had to put him to sleep. The second occasion was about two years ago with a Shepherd with torsion (stomach flipped) and we were lucky enough to get him there, operated upon quickly, and he survived just fabulously!

I would do it all over again nonetheless and remain confident that everything has been done to take care of our precious pets.

Jenny Forney
Kansas City